Swedish Theory of Love, The


Swedish Theory of Love, The
reż|dir Erik Gandini | SE | 2015 | 76 min
prod|pro Erik Gandini, Juan Pablo Libossart scen|wr Erik Gandini zdj|ph Vania Tegarnelli, Carl Nilsson dys|dis Against Gravity


The Swedish iconoclast Erik Gandini takes a loving and critical look at our little corner of the world from the other end of the telescope and finds the recipe for the good Nordic life in a manifesto published by the political elite in Sweden in the 1970s. Here, one would find that happiness is a life lived in freedom – from others. And so it has been ever since. But the question is whether our individualism and independence have isolated us from each other. Is the price of happiness a lifetime of loneliness? Like a sociologist from another planet, Gandini travels across the globe (and Scandinavia) drawing startling parallels between our way of life and all the other forms it could have taken.

Erik Gandini (1967) Italian-Swedish film director, writer, producer and one of the founders of the production company ATMO. He moved to Sweden aged 19 to attend film school and avoid military service in Italy. After having completed a master’s degree in film science at Stockholm University, he started working as a documentary filmmaker. His 2009 feature-length documentary „Videocracy” was one of his most successful films. It explores how Italy has been pushed to the brink of moral melt-down under the rule of Silvio Berlusconi.

2015 Szwedzka teoria miłości|The Swedish Theory of Love
2009 Wideokracja|Videocracy
2005 GITMO - Nowe prawa wojny|G.I.T.M.O
2003 Nadprodukcja. Terror konsumpcji|Surplus. Terrorized into Being Consumers

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