Greetings from Fukushima


Grüsse aus Fukushima
reż|dir Doris Dörrie | DE | 2016 | 108 min
prod|pro Molly von Fürstenberg, Benjamin Herrmann, Harry Krueger, Harry Kuegler scen|wr Doris Dörrie zdj|ph Hanno Lentz muz|mus Ulrike Haage mon|ed Frank J. Müller ob|cast Rosalie Thomas, Kaori Momoi, Nami Kamata, Aya Irizuki, Naomi Kamara, Honsho Hayasaka dys|dis Aurora Films


Overwhelming problems force Marie to leave her home in Germany for the faraway Japan. Once there, she joins a humanitarian organization whose members take care of the victims of the nuclear power plant disaster and of the calamities that devastated the country of the Rising Sun in 2011. When Marie decides to give up work, which she's unable to cope with, she meets Satomi, the last geisha of Fukushima, a woman of extraordinary elegance, though struck by the ruthless fate. Despite the difference in age, temperament and nationality, the two women develop a strong bond.

2015 Berlin International Film Festival – Award of the International Association of Art Cinemas (CICAE) in the Panorama section (Doris Dörrie), Heiner Carow Award (Doris Dörrie), ranked second in the poll of the audience in the Panorama section

Doris Dörrie (1955) German film director, screenwriter and actress. She won general acclaim after the release of the movie "Men" in 1985. When she is not involved with the cinema, she writes books. The Polish public had a chance to read her collection of short stories entitled "The man of my dreams."

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