God Willing


Se Dio Vuole
reż|dir Edoardo Maria Falcone | IT | 2015 | 87 min
prod|pro Lorenzo Mieli, Mario Gianani scen|wr Edoardo Maria Falcone, Marco Martani zdj|ph Tommaso Borgstrom muz|mus Carlo Virzì mon|ed Luciana Pandolfelli ob|cast Marco Giallini, Alessandro Gassman, Laura Morante, Ilaria Spada, Edoardo Pesce, Enrico Oetiker dys|dis Rafael


Tommaso, his wife Carla, and their two children are a model of modern, middle-class family. When their son announces that he has something important to tell them, Tomasso, who as a rule despises discrimination, is proud to be given an opportunity to prove before himself and the whole world how open and tolerant he is. However, his son’s unexpected confession that he is dropping out of college to become a priest is not welcome. Desperate, the father decides to do all he can to make his son abandon the path chosen.

2016 David di Donatello Awards – awarded for the Best Directing Debut

Edoardo Maria Falcone (1968) Born in Rome. Italian director and screenwriter specializing in comedy of manners. His oeuvre so far has included scripts for films such as “Escort in Love” (2011), “Viva l’Italia” (2012), and “Do You Remember Me?” (2014). The first film he directed, „God Willing”, has been noticed in Italy and won the David di Donatello award for best directing debut.

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