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reż|dir Aleksandra Gowin, Ireneusz Grzyb | PL | 2015 | 23 min
prod|pro Agnieszka Dziedzic, Marcin Łuczaj scen|wr Aleksandra Gowin, Ireneusz Grzyb zdj|ph Jakub Burakiewicz muz|mus Adam Walicki mon|ed Aleksandra Gowin, Ireneusz Grzyb, Agnieszka Kowalczyk ob|cast Anita Jancia, Adam Nawojczyk, Dobromir Dymecki, Emma Szpura, Zofia Karolak, Agnieszka Dulęba-Kasza dys|dis Studio Munka


Agnieszka has just lost her mother. Her life has been thrown off-balance, forcing her to take a detached look at who she is. A loving mother to her daughters, Zosia and Emma, who are coping with their grandmother’s death in different ways. A school teacher plunged into doubt about the meaning of her work. The wife of a man who has become a stranger to her. In the wake of her mother’s death, she has to clear out her childhood home in readiness for its sale. The family takes part in a mystic journey which becomes a way for Agnieszka to rediscover herself.

Aleksandra Gowin – Aleksandra Gowin is a graduate of the Cinematography Department at the Łódź Film School. She has received a number of awards for “Little Crushes” (2014) and “Little Wires” (2009), both of which she co-directed. Her work as an editor includes full-length features “Kebab and Horoscope” (205), “Floating Skyscrapers” (2013) and “In a Bedroom” (2010), along with numerous études.

Ireneusz Grzyb – Screenwriter, director and editor Ireneusz Grzyb is a graduate of the Łódź Film School. “Little Wires”, which he co-wrote and co-directed, won him the Stanisław Różewicz award at the Koszalin Youth and Film Festival in 2009 and the Little Hill award in the Fabula Rasa category at the Film Mountain Summer Festival of Independent Cinema in Zielona Góra in 2009, as well as the Jan Machulski award for the Best Film of 2010. He is also the co-director of “Little Crushes” (2014), his feature debut which has won awards at the Koszalin, Esphino, Giffoni, Naples and Łódź film festivals.

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