Looking for Europe


Smrt u Sarajevu
reż|dir Danis Tanović | FR, BA | 2016 | 85 min
prod|pro François Margolin, Amra Bakšic Camo scen|wr Danis Tanović zdj|ph Erol Zubčević mon|ed Redzinald Šimek ob|cast Snezana Markovic, Izudin Bajrović, Vedrana Seksan, Muhamed Hadžović, Faketa Salihbegovic, Edin Avdagic Koja, Jacques Weber, Aleksandar Seksan, Boris Ler dys|dis Bomba Film


Hotel Europa, top venue in Sarajevo, June 28, 2014. Hundredth anniversary of the coup that brought about the outbreak of the First World War. Someone will die today as well. The voices of diplomats calling for the nations reaching an understanding will not reach everyone. The hotel staff, unpaid for months, are planning a strike. Will they achieve what they expect? Do they strive only for outstanding wages? How much alike are Princip of the Hotel Europa and Gavrilo Princip from hundred years ago?

2016 Berlin International Film Festival – Grand Jury Prize – Silver Bear, FIPRESCI Award, nominated for the Golden Bear

Danis Tanović (1969) Director and screenwriter originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studied at a film school in Sarajevo, however, he was forced to interrupt his education due to the outbreak of civil war in Yugoslavia. He graduated a few years later in Brussels. His first feature film "No Man's Land" was awarded an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. He is considered to be one of the most important creators of the European cinema.

2016 Śmierć w Sarajewie|Smrt u Sarajevu|Looking for Europe
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